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All-Star Customer Service, Inc., (ASCS) is the nationally acclaimed mystery shopping company featured in various media like TV, radio and newspaper. We successfully provide our services internationally and work with mom and pop companies through billion dollar corporations. Whether you are new to mystery shopping or you are an advanced user of mystery shopping services, our customers say we will exceed your expectations. (See REQUEST A FREE QUOTE).

The health of your business depends on your mystery shopping company delivering services with the highest standards (excellent shoppers, expert shopping training, M.B.A. lead customized solutions to fit YOUR exact needs, state of the art online analytics and delivery system, etc.). Our mystery shopping company provides "prescription strength" medicine to promote your business's health and profits. We exceed the standards of other mystery shopping companies.

BEWARE - like medicines, there are diluted/contaminated, counterfeits and "over the counter" mystery shopping services that look legitimate - but they cut corners on quality. The systems our mystery shopping company uses, drives continuous quality improvement to improve customer experiences, employee performance and results.


The owners of All-Star Customer Service, David Kantner, M.B.A. and the ASCS team, have a depth of successful experience, in the corporate world and that makes all the difference for you- because we successfully delivered results on your side of the desk in operations, sales training, mergers & acquisitions, customer service, human resources and more. We are experts at improving sales and customer experiences – and use mystery shopping and other solutions to help you succeed. (Please see our Case Study). Other mystery shopping companies will give you mystery shop data but we will give you results.

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Some benefits include:


  • Being nationally recognized experts on customer service (Watch Media).
  • The mystery shopping company featured on radio, print and TV regarding improving employee performances.
  • The mystery shopping company selected for events from a few hundred through over fifty-thousand customers.
  • The mystery shopping company selected from national competition to perform airport shops, apartment shops, restaurant shops, retail shops, auto shops, bank shops, healthcare shops, merchandising shops, Spanish shops, etc.
  • The mystery shopping company selected to provide customer experience standards for entire organizations.
  • The mystery shopping company selected to improve customer service at an NBA Championship Series at American Airlines Center.
  • The mystery shopping company providing services at NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB events.
  • The mystery shopping company providing customized solutions for mom and pop businesses through billion dollar businesses.
  • Providing special video learning services and training (Watch Media).
  • Performing competitive market evaluations.
  • And more.

Some of Our Extra Value to You Include:

  • FREE “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mystery Shopping” Pamphlet.
  • FREE All-Star Newsletter – with tips on how to reward/motivate employees.
  • FREE report that summarizes the results of your program at a glance to save you time.
  • State of the art online reporting system (see Survey Software).
  • M.B.A supervision of your mystery shopping services – for maximum quality and success
  • Actual review of mystery shopping credentials so you get the best quality (many mystery shopping companies will not tell you they pick the fist shopper that applies).
  • Expertise and resources to perform video mystery shops – most mystery shopping companies cannot do this, so how do they know how good their mystery shoppers are?
  • Expertise on what we learned from performing tens of thousands of mystery shopping services nation-wide.
  • Plus much more!

The way our mystery shopping company provides services, they stretch your dollar because they can:

1) Measure customer experiences – to create repeat business and referrals
2) Measure employee performance – for employee (and team leader) evaluations
3) Promote employee learning - just like a training program
4) Change culture - like a culture program
5) Motivate employees - like a rewards program
6) Improve sales - like a sales improvement program
7) Define customer experiences - like customer experience standards program
8) Save time managing - like a time management seminar

Your results are 100% dependent on the expertise of the mystery shopping company you choose.

Please contact us now for more information. Thank You.


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