Secret Shopping Company

Secret Shopping Driven by Honesty and Integrity

All-Star Customer Service, Inc., (ASCS) is a motivated secret shopping company that provides productive mystery shopping service along with employee evaluation, market research, training program, and others. We at ASCS are best acclaimed nationally for providing very focused and result-oriented services. We firmly believe in offering technology-driven services that can reflect very actual picture of the services that your employees are offering.
Our main objective rests with your growth. Here are 5 key attractions that make us stand out among the peers.
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Data security
  • Expertly-prepared reports
  • On time completion of the projects
  • Advanced reporting system
Our advanced tools used in secret shopper service do let you measure the level of customer satisfaction which defines your prospective sales. And this technique evaluates some key points to know the potential growth of your business. The points are:
  • Sales techniques
  • Wait and service time
  • Product knowledge
  • Employee friendliness
  • Location
All-Star Customer Service, Inc. has always been aimed at developing a strong bond between clients we have worked with. In line with our efforts to define integrity and honesty in our services, we always involve a reliable mechanism to keep all the things secret.
All-Star Customer Service is successfully run by an expert professional David Kantner, an M.B.A. along with his expert ASCS team. Because of our dedication and firm belief in good customer services, we have been featured on TV, radio, and newspapers. In order to meet individual’s requirements, we provide customized services that can best match with mom and pop businesses.
So, visit us and get the FREE “How to Get The Most out Of Your Mystery Shopping” pamphlet to know more.

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