Call Center Mystery Shopping

What is Call Center Mystery Shopping?

Call center mystery shopping is a mystery shopping technique which gives you a better insight on the various components of your call center services and can actually help you improve staff performance, profit margins and even maintain healthy relationships with your clientele. There are many companies that have the infrastructure to record all the calls attended by their employees, but often it’s seen that these calls get lost in the thousands of voice records. This situation is quite inevitable. This is where call center mystery shopping services can help. At All Star Customer Service, we offer mystery shopping call center evaluation services that you can use to assess the level of customer satisfaction of your clients. With this mystery shopping technique, we let organizations focus on some important factors like behavior of the employees towards the customers, the ability to greet the callers and establish rapport with them, the ability of the employees to help the customers, the knowledge of the employees regarding the company’s products and services etc. With our detailed and focused call center mystery shopping services, organizations can strategically conduct an enquiry without the knowledge of the employees. You can even use our services to see whether your call center facilities are able to meet the customer objectives.

How it works for you?

At All Star Customer Service, we have expert mystery agents that call your company from time to time, about 5 times a month, to assess and evaluate the level of customer satisfaction. These conversations are recorded and uploaded online for your reference. Today, mystery shopping has attained new levels with the help of online voice recording systems. Each and every customer transaction is recorded with the help of recording software and made available to you with the help of your online account. This technique helps you get an in-depth knowledge about the performance of your entire in-house team as a single unit. Starting from the performance of individual employees, the days in particular on which your services are the most efficient, to the department that performs the best or the worst, the areas of improvement, these and many such parameters can be judged covertly. A lot of companies suffer huge losses due to mishandling of customer and client relationships. Don’t let your company go through the same. Hire our call center mystery shopping services today and let your business soar to newer heights.
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