Customer Service Mystery Shopping

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To improve customer service, grow your business and save time, you need standards that drive great customer experiences. Does each position at your company deliver the same Gold Standard of service every time or do customers never know if they will get great service or bad service? Based on our national experience, we detail for you the specific actions to be done by employees at key customer “touch points”. This document covers greetings, answering the phone, transactions, and more. We customize it to your exact needs. It is organized by position to create ownership and is in bullet format. Quoting from a business leader

"When I came onboard, our team was running in circles and we were chasing our tails on customer service. We had the effort but it was not channeled into creating a team approach to the best customer experience. With your system, employees clearly understood what they needed to do and when to do it. Using your Customer Service Standards, we were able to transform and improve our customer experiences and we are very pleased with the results. It was a great investment"
C. B. Manager.

Business owner or executive, "Do you believe delivering better customer experiences will improve your bottom line? Does each team member know what they must do consistently, to keep your customers happy and coming back?"

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