Restaurants Secret Shoppers

Great customer service can help give your restaurant’s profitability a big boost. All Star Customer Service (ASCS) offers mystery shopping programs for restaurants that can help you identify the exact behaviors and metrics, which are consistently linked to exceeding guests' expectations. Armed with extensive reports submitted by our mystery shopper for restaurants, you can get a clear roadmap explaining the best way to make a long-lasting impression on your customers and encourage repeat business.

What is Restaurants Secret Shopping?

This refers to undercover restaurant inspections done by mystery shoppers. All Star Customer Service offers mystery shoppers for all types of restaurants, starting from fast food centers and casual dining settings to five-star restaurants. These clandestine agents evaluate your business, and provide unparalleled details as well as incomparable insights and recommendations that can prove useful in improving your bottom line.

How Our Restaurant Secret Shopper Works?

A mystery shopper for restaurants working with All Star Customer Service is equipped to:

  • Evaluate performance of employees based on customized metrics and benchmarks
  • Help you find and reward top performing employees
  • Locate the source of inconsistent performance
  • Provide tips and pointers that let you maximize sales
  • Offer and implement instantaneous remedial action plans
  • Help in sustained monitoring of results
  • Check legal and brand compliance
  • Examine the extent of hygiene maintained
  • Find food quality problems, if any
  • Report on ambience, attitude of waiting staff, noise level, lighting etc
  • Carry out rebranding development and deployment
  • Bring more business using word-of-mouth referrals
  • Work with any existing quality assurance programs

All our mystery shoppers at All Star Customer Service are passionate about their jobs. With our well planned mystery shopper programs that are bespoke and individually designed to meet each of our clients’ unique needs, these mystery shoppers ensure to offer extensive quality reports that are proactive and help you take your restaurant to the next level of success.

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