Telephone Mystery Shopping Company

Telephone mystery shopping is one of the most traditional ways of mystery shopping. It is cost efficient, increases sales with less input, helps organizations retain old and valuable customers, and hugely improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the services bestowed on customers by the company. The telephone mystery shop services of All Star Customer Service can help you to better your customer experience and thus bring profitable results. At All Star Customer Service, we have an expert team that is capable of handling anything from a few calls a month to more than 35000 calls per month. We provide telephone secret shopping services in fields from anything like retail, banking, property, and land to anything and everything that you can think of.

How Telephone Mystery Shopping Works?

At All Star Customer Service, our telephone mystery shopper is an agent who works in accordance to your requirements to provide you with a customized telephone mystery shopping feedback in order to give you an insight about you telephone customer experience. This will give you complete knowledge about the behavior of your employees towards callers, the presentation of your products and services in front of your customers etc, which will let you understand the areas of glitches in a better way and help you take corrective measures. Our telephone mystery shopper calls your office a couple of times every month and act as if they are a customer. The conversations are recorded with the help of recording software. Our mystery shoppers take special care to monitor the following parameters: 1. Attitude 2. Skill 3. Politeness 4. The ability to create a rapport with the caller 5. Knowledge of product and services 6. Ability to extend the helping hand

Track & Analyze Complete Transactions

A detailed customer report is generated by our expert executives and made available to you shortly after the transactions through online retrievable voice records. You will be given a specific user id and password through which you will be able to track and analyze the feedback evaluated by us regularly. Often, we come across situations where the customers call the help desks of companies to get some help, but all they end up getting is endless waiting and rude behavior. This is a huge shortcoming for a company. Our telephone mystery shopping can help companies get region wise feedback about all transactions made between the callers and the employees. With the customized telephone mystery shopping services of All Star Customer Service, you can better customer services and measure your employee performance, which will help you improve your business and attract more profits.
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