Mystery Shopping Service solution for Your Business Growth

ASCS has proven processes and controls to give you on target solutions and accurate decision making information. While other companies sell flawed “over the counter” services, choosing ASCS means you are getting “Prescription Strength” solutions to help improve your business health sooner. All-Star Customer Service in the USA has helped a number of businesses find a right direction to achieve their goals. Read what our clients have to say.


Mystery Shopping Services – We covertly audit your business and employees based on criteria specifically designed to meet your needs and identify your business's special issues. You have choice of what service would best meet your needs – in-person mystery shop, telephone mystery shop, recorded audio mystery shop, etc.

360 Degree Feedback Think of a circle, and your business or employee is at the center of a 360 degree circle. Feedback is given to your business and employee from multiple people they interact with – all around them.

Employee Evaluations - ASCS provides objective employee evaluations. You receive a report full of important details, to drive continuous quality improvement. The employee evaluation is also designed to promote customer service, team work and cross selling.

Business Evaluation and Feedback for Customer Satisfaction

Mystery Shop In Person – Your business and employees are evaluated by one of our expert auditors personally visiting your business, posing as a customer following a specific scenario.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Company - Your business and employees are evaluated by one of our expert auditors calling in on the telephone, posing as a customer following a specific scenario.

Call Center Mystery Shop - Your call center is evaluated by one of our expert auditors calling in on the telephone, posing as a customer following a specific scenario.

Call Center MetricsBased on your business goals, we create in writing specific performance standards that drive call center excellence, so you deliver the highest quality call center experience. They are easy to follow and train with.

Royalty Audit For FranchisesWe perform transactions in cash (or credit) and give you all the details so you can confirm compliance. We have saved clients lots of money.

Loss Protection – We perform transactions in cash and also perform specific actions to test honesty and security effectiveness. We have saved clients lots of money.

Video Mystery Shop – Video Mystery Shop – Would you like to see exactly what your customers experience and show it your team – to deliver results? We are the first company in the world to use multiple body worn video equipment to give the client multiple videos of customer experiences (at a 40,000 person event). Few companies have multiple video shoppers for the same event, let alone coordinate video shoppers to role play the customer experience scenarios, you the client need. Our videos are used for measurement, training, customized motivation videos and even national conferences. One client that fired their video shop company and hired us said "Although your equipment gives better video – IT’S HOW YOU USE THE EQUIPMENT WITH THE SHOPPERS that we are really pleased with."

Recorded Audio Mystery Shop - Qualified mystery shoppers telephone in or visit your business posing as customers. After performing the customized shop, they are guided through an evaluation using ASCS's customized report regarding selling skills, customer service, policy compliance, product knowledge, etc. You receive a complete copy of the audio recording.

Digital Picture Mystery Shop – Our trained mystery shopper audits your business and employees based on criteria specifically designed to meet your needs PLUS they covertly takes digital pictures of whatever you need – displays, employee dress, operations, food, cleanliness, etc. You easily receive the photos and report online. Sometimes we take over 30 pictures!

IWR Web Surveys (Interactive Web Response) – Your actual customers go to our website to fill out an online survey about their experiences. These surveys can be evaluated using our robust analytics to deliver powerful decision making information.

Compliance Audits – Are your company policies being followed to minimize legal issues, bad customer experiences and high margins? We perform alcohol compliance and any other compliance to ensure the policies you created are followed. For example for alcohol and tobacco compliance, we have underage looking mystery shoppers try to buy items without ID. Did you know a company was sued successfully for 135 million? (check it out… We even do alcohol compliance shops as video shops!

Customer Intercepts/Exit Interviews – Our specially trained auditors politely survey guests leaving your establishment important questions about their experience. Results are quickly reported online for you to stop an inexpensive problem before they become an expensive problem.

Customer Research – We evaluate critical areas of your marketplace and/or competition. We use a spectrum of research methods from telephone, in-person, demographic data, etc. Your external marketplace is just as important as your customer experiences.

Training and Training Program Consultation - Having trained in multiple states, we offer a robust set of solutions for you to transform your team. We can even provide online training, create PowerPoint slides and/or convert video shops into training tools.. Our training is more effective because it is customized based on your teams measured strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Reward Shops – We pose as your customer and if the employee does certain exemplary actions they are given a reward on the spot. Can you imagine how other team members will work, when they see an associate rewarded for doing a GREAT job?

Competitive Research – You don’t compete in a vacuum. Find out what the competition is doing and grow your business. We use a various methods to reach your competition like the telephone, in-person, online, requesting their mail outs, etc.

Food Quality and Dining Audits – If you are in the food business, food quality is critical. With our operations expertise we evaluate taste, portions, presentation, flavorings, etc. We have done fine dining with entrees costing over $200 through $5 fast food and everything in between. We don’t stop there and we evaluate speed of service, parking, atmosphere, up-selling and more. You would be amazed at how we can help you increase profits.

Customer Service StandardsWe deliver the best standards in the business and in a format that promotes learning. If you don’t define the standard, you can’t deliver the best service that grows your business. We will expertly customize the “Best of Breed” for your industry, so your business grows.

Customer Contact Mapping – What are your customer touch points and how are you ensuring the best experience at each point? We will consult and give you the equivalent of a road map to be successful. Our operations expertise will be very valuable for you.

Other Value Added Services – Your business is unique and so are the quality solutions we provide. We do other customized work to exactly match your budget and goals.