Survey Software

Selecting All-Star Customer Service not only gives you the advantages of our transformation expertise, shoppers and customer support but it also gives you our state of the art reporting system. All the money you spend on marketing and training become zero return on investment if customers walk/call in and receive a poor level of service. We offer you the ultimate platform that combines the most advanced tools for measuring performance and gathering customer feedback, along with an integrated toolset to drive change and improvement, implementing the most modern business concepts and best practices. Here are some of the many features…

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard puts all your vital decision-making information at your fingertips. You can easily customize it feature the decision-making information YOU prefer to see. It empowers you with ranking, color coding, filtering, grouping by responsibility and much more.

The Power of 3 in 1 Reporting

With the combination of the three fundamental data presentation components in one report: tabular, chart and color coding, you benefit from the enhanced visualization and the drastic time savings in reading and understanding reports. You no longer have to put effort into reading and interpreting data, as our reports will do this for you.

With over 15 customizable and configurable reports covering all aspects of the organizational performance, including trending, ranking, survey, questions and answer analysis, verbatim and exceptions analysis you are guaranteed to have a thorough view of your performance at any point in time and business dimension.

All reports are available for download in PDF, Excel and image formats. You can easily copy and paste portions of the report into your PowerPoint presentations.


  • Below and above average performers are visually identified in every report.
  • Customizable color-coding is available for every dataset

Custom Reporting Fits Your Needs Perfectly

Your business is unique and you can customize reporting to maximize the results of our program. If what we offer as standard reports is not sufficient for some more specific reporting requirements, our Custom Report builder is the perfect tool for you. The quick, three step report generation tool is a convenient way to generate custom datasets on the fly and with minimum time and effort. Simply, filter for the data you are interested in, select the items to appear on the report, define the order and run the report. Once the report is generated, you can export it to Excel or print preview it.

  • Advanced filtering by:
    • Time/Period
    • Campaign (Wave)
    • Client/Project
    • Location/City/State/Region
  • Select between tabular and cross-tab view.
  • Define your Report - select from over 100 data items and order them in the desired order.

Industry Standard Reporting

Our system offers you several “instant” reports to choose from. These industry standard reports organize critical metrics and present them to you in easy to formats that empower you to make valuable observations to identify strengths and opportunities for improvements.

Use Media To Drive Improvements

Use media, like recorded telephone shops or video. Our system puts you in charge to locate and track your documents, images, audio and video files. Using media has never been so easy. We have clients that want audio recordings of their telephone shops. They rave about how this feature saves them time and empowers them to drive improvements. The can organize manages the audio files AND the reports.