The Miracle Wand of Video Mystery Shopping

Employees are like a life force of any organization. The organization depends upon its employees for almost everything-from operating their business to making profit out of it. This dependence is in turn calls forth more vigilant company about the performance of their employees. With better supervision and vigilantism the quality of employees can be easily maintained. Contrarily, if company leaves everything upon their employees and go to rest, then the business might suffer.
Hence it’s important for any company to remain vigilante and assess from time –to-time the quality of its human resources.
How to do it? The video mystery shopping is the answer.
Many organizations like hospitality, restaurants, Malls, Shopping centers etc. which remain in close touch with customers, should assure the quality of services provided them. They should check if their customers are attended well by their employees; if customer’s queries get answered adequately by their employees; if they take follow ups of their probable clients etc.
The mystery shoppers are there to provide you feedback related to the quality assessment of your employees, secretly. The video mystery shopping is the latest addition in the list of the ways of mystery shopping.

Advantages of Video Mystery Shopping

Well the video mystery shopping with its audio and visual presentation stands much better chance to show you the complete details of the working processes undertaken by your employees. Telephone mystery shopping and report writing about the mystery shopping are also some of the currently popular ways of it, but these methods cannot stand in parallel with the Video mystery shopping.
The video mystery shoppers are equipped with hidden cameras and its audio components. They often hide these cameras under their tie, pockets or glasses, and go to the outlet that is assigned for the mystery shopping. They record its full operations and show to it to its client, so that he could identify about the loopholes and plug it in.