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Secret Shoppers Companies

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Secret Shoppers Companies

National Shopping Service

“We have over 1,150 locations nationwide. We have tried several other mystery shop companies, and we were not satisfied. Other companies would cancel a confirmed mystery shop, or we would have to wait for weeks before we could get a report turned in. All-Star can definitely provide accurate, timely, and quality mystery shops. They even had a shopper, on a very short notice place a cancellation sign at one of our locations, due to a pending hurricane! Not only do they care about their clients but make you feel comfortable knowing that your mystery shops are going to be conducted in a very professional manner. No other company would ever go out of their way to do anything like this. We’ve had several mystery shops all across the nation and All-Star is the only one that can get the job done. We are very pleased with All-Star Customer Service to help us reach our goals.”
Monica Martinez W.M.E
One of the nation’s largest suppliers of purified drinking water.

Secret Shopper Restaurant

Secret Shoppers Companies

“All-Star Customer Service approached our needs from our standpoint of wanting to improve results, not from doing a “shop” to tell us un-actionable information. Their expertise, quality and systems were clearly a level above the competition. Immediately their customized services identified strengths and opportunities for improvement, which our previous mystery shop company never could do. We were able to improve customer service, improve purchases and improve employee performance.”
David Smith, President
Multi-location 60, 000 SF businesses with 60% location growth. They were able to sell the business to an investment group, within 2.5 years, after using our services. They invested in the service every month.

Mystery Shopper Companies

“For many years we have utilized many mystery shopping companies with varied success. Some struggles that always occurred were inexperienced shoppers, one sided observations of the experience and non-usable feedback. When we were introduced to All-Star Customer Service, it gave us a new perspective on Mystery Shopping and the value it could bring to our organization. The feedback from All Star was great…This has been a wonderful experience and we intend to continue this observation process.”
Beth Spenazzola Senior Vice President
LTB Multi-location billion dollar company

“We wish to be the best, and with the help of your digital videos and customized reporting, we are making steps to improve on an already exceptional product. Many times the companies are one dimensional on the services they can provide. You willingness to sit down and discuss our needs as a company on both the customer service side and loss prevention side were important to making our shops a success."
Pete Spike, Operations Manager
Responsible for food quality, service excellence and customer service for events that can have over 40,000 customers at one event.

“ASCS has conducted both video and regular shops here.and have done a great job.”
Byron. E.
International Airport in U.S.A

"...(All-Star's) shoppers are well trained and played the role of our potential customers very well...Using your mystery shopping program, we uncovered valuable information we could not have otherwise obtained. This should definitely have a very positive impact on future company profits."
Lynn R., President, M.R.I.
Multi-location healthcare company

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